Shipping & Delivery

Delivery Promise

At AGUA BENDITA S.A.S. it is our commitment to comply with the delivery times, therefore if the day your order arrives, you are not present to receive it, the carrier will be authorized to deliver it to someone who is in the address indicated. It is not essential that the same person who makes the purchase is the one who receives the order. We know how important it is for you and that you would not like to wait until a next chance to receive it.

We want to guarantee that your order is delivered at the agreed time. If we need to contact you to notify any news or updates about the order or delivery, we will do so within a month. If we cannot reach you, we will refund you the amount paid for the items. If the order was shipped but couldn't be delivered because we couldn't reacht you, the shipping fees will not be refunded.

Refunds will be issued directly to your credit card and it will be reflected in your bank statement in no more than 20 business days. If you paid with PSE, the refund will be issued through your Mercado Pago account.

Due to commercial strategies, shipping will be free on specific occasions or under specific conditions. This will be announced within the website in current promotions.

You can access the details of your order through the page "My Orders." On this page, you can see the details of your previous orders, those open, and those still being shipped.
In our online store, we want to deliver your order in the shortest possible time, and we will try to make the delivery in the following terms:

All orders will be shipped through COORDINADORA, an external logistics operator contracted by AGUA BENDITA S.A.S. The logistics operator is responsible for the safe delivery of the products and in the agreed times. We have an estimated delivery time of 3 to 10 business days since the order has been placed and paid.

This estimated delivery time does not apply to promotions or special events in the industry when the delivery times may be extended. When applicable, it will be informed on the website.

Following the legal regime, and if the order's delivery is not carried out within a period of thirty (30) calendar days, you may request the cancellation of the transaction and a full refund for the price paid. Once this request has been submitted, the refund of the price paid will be effective within a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days, counted from the date you report the non-receipt of the order within thirty (30) days.

Taxes & Duties

• All applicable duties, taxes and fees are included in the total amount of your order. We guarantee you will not be required to pay any additional cost on delivery.
• The goods will be imported on behalf of the consignee/ebuyer. The consignee authorizes AGUA BENDITA S.A.S. to import the goods on his behalf thought DHL or any other currier Further, the consignee/buyer agrees that AGUA BENDITA S.A.S, DHL or the currier selected for AGUA BENDITA SAS may delegate the obligation to import the goods on his behalf to a subcontractor (e.g. customs broker). The consignee will pay the taxes & duties in addition with the purchase price of the goods.
• When applicable, the refund will be made without any type of interest, premiums or additional sums, and will be made discounting all shipping costs and import costs that may have originated, if there is no legal prohibition to do so.

Order Status

From the moment your payment is approved, we will send you some emails to let you know your order's status, whether we are processing your order or when it is invoiced, and dispatched. We will send you an email with the guide information in case you do not receive a shipping confirmation email right away, do not worry! We are aware of the delivery date and the date indicated at the time of payment, and we will make sure to deliver the items within that period; in case of any delay, we will be informing you. We do not ship Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. We will contact you by email if your order requires additional information to process fully.


It may be necessary to send your order in two or more shipments. Shipping charges apply only to the first package shipped. Restrictions may apply.
All deliveries are pending credit approval, merchandise availability, delivery and weather conditions.

• We are unable to ship more than 20 items per order to international addresses.
• Currently, orders may take 3 to 10 business days to América and5-20 business days to the rest of the world. Thank you for your patience.